Fasten your seatbelts!

Lufthansa's board of directors will only give up their business with deportations, when the image of the airline company is at stake. This is why "no one is illegal" has started an international campaign. The aim is to bring the airline company to change its policy: No deportations with Lufthansa anymore!

This is hardly an inappropriate demand. And this is why we will turn up at every place where the Lufthansa is present: on the Internet, in front of check-ins at airports, at Lufthansa branches everywhere, in travel agents. We will appeal to all employees of the company to refuse the transportation of deportees and we will educate them as well as the passengers about the possibilities to protest against the deportations. Because it is not only the Federal Border Guards and the airline companies' board of directors who have a responsibility towards deportees.

Also pilots, stewardesses, board personnel and police officers are able to refuse to function as willing executors of the State's deportation praxis and thereby can possibly save refugees' lives. Captains in charge of an aircraft are not only responsible for the security, but for the life and freedom from injury on board. It often does not take much to help the refugees to succeed in their desperate protests. Sometimes, loud words or the refusal to sit down during take off are enough to put an end to a deportation.

We therefore also appeal to the passengers to protest and act against deportations. Show civil courage! You can also contact the Lufthansa head offices directly:
phone 0049-221-8260,
fax 0049-221-8363818,

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