The Active Miles team welcomes you to our new special service

We appreciate your trust. The Deportation Alliance is one of the most exclusive intense activist programs across the world. Earn Active Miles on the entire Deportation Alliance network and enjoy worldwide award-winning actions and benefits.

Active Miles are the ultimate means for frequent activists to. Each action will be credited with active miles. Become a member of the family of activists and enjoy worldwide award-winning actions and our exclusive Fantasy Awards.

Active miles are rewarded for all kinds of actions. Generally speaking the more energy you put into an action the more miles you earn: Participating in a small e-mail campaign will already be rewarded with ten Active Miles. As soon as you have earned your first active miles you will gain the status of a casual activist. While the Casual Activist has access to only part of the Active Miles program, the Super Activist status will give you access to the full range of services of the Active Miles program such as our border lounge. To become a Super Activist you will have to be involved in a whole range of actions, interventions and activities. You will reach this status automaticly as soon as you have earned 500 active miles. These can hardly be earned by simple e-mail campaigns, but require the participation in outdoor interventions, rewarded with 50 Active Miles or more, depending on the kind of participation. To become a Hyper Activist you will have to earn as much as 1000 Active Miles. Rewards to Hyper Activists will be personally handed out by one of the directors of the Deportation Alliance in recognition for their ongoing cooperation and participation in the Active Miles program.

In cases of doubt the board of mediation under the chair of the spokespersons of the Deportation Alliance, Melanie Cooper and Jan Hofmann, will have the final word on credited Active Miles. The board will occasionally hand out to the most active participants of the program the especially designed Active Miles plastic Cards.
Please remember to mention your Active Miles card number whenever you make a proposal or check in for active participation on the active highway. To ensure correct mileage crediting, please note that the name on your Active Miles card must match the name shown on your submission

Active Miles is your chance of participating. Do not hesitate and mail or phone one of our desk assistents to receive more information about the program.

Have fun!

The Active Miles team