"It usually takes a scandal for companies to begin looking at values management," says Dirk Gilbert, professor at the European Business School. Sometimes one scandal is not enough and it takes a strong campaigning to let a company change it's policy. And before it takes into effect, a long battle has to be fought and a lot of different arguments have to be applied.

Some of the major airline companies are currently running into troubles, because they are transporting thousands of deportees per year. Human rights activists, antiracist groups and the press are targetting these companies on their deportation policies.

We at Deportation Class prefer to speak plain text. We don't conceal, what is really happening in the last rows of an airplane, when people are suffocated, tranquillized and fettered, in order to deport them to countries they were once fleeing. We don't care, what it must be like for other passengers to see someone bound and gagged in the seat next to them. And overall, we won't bore you with endless idle talk about global villages, new nomadism and freedom of movement.

In the Deportation Class only one value counts: you have to have the wrong passport and then we will treat you with services you have never dreamed about. There are no round-trips and the only way out is manifest resistance.

Yours sincerly,
Jan Hoffmann
CEO of the Deportation Alliance