No-border Camp on the Polish-Belarussian border

Stop fortress Europe! Freedom of movement for everybody!

01.Jun.01 - We see this as an especially important area for a no-border camp as EU politics demand that Poland take a tighter stand on people from the East, as Belarus heads more in the direction of xenophobic nationalism and as hundreds of thousand of people find it more difficult or even impossible to cross borders to earn a living, visit friends or family or just take a simple vacation. We plan doing a lot of work with the local population and on making actions that will draw more attention to the border regimes of these two countries and to the problems of border around the world in general.

Some of the themes for seminars at the moment include: Border Regimes and the Expansion of the EU; History of Anarchists in the Bialystok Region; Situation of Chechen Refugees in Poland, Belarus and Russia; Anarcha-Feminism; Eastern Europe/ Western Europe: Overcoming Stereotypes; Makhnovschina. In addition, there will be meetings and talks on the history of Jewish and Muslim people in the region.

There will be some exhibits, concerts, etc. made by groups from Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Poland and perhaps elsewhere.

We also plan some excursions and anarchist games during the camp. It is a good opportunity to meet people, have fun and to show opposition to the border regime!

This no-border project is being organized by a coalition of actvisits frommany countries, mainly from Poland, Belarus, Ukraine and Russia.

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