Welcome to Borderhack 2.0

21.Jul.01 - Welcome to the borderhack 2.0 pages on onborder.org. These pages are actually a very small selection from the official website of the borderhack 2.0 event that takes place on the weekend of 24th, 25th and 26th auf august 2001 on the mexican/us border in the town of tijuana. find out more about this border and the how to 'hack it' on the borderhack 2.0 website.

"Tijuana and San Diego are one city, that like Berlin, got divided by accidents and things of destiny. Tijuana and San Diego are the same city, the "i" city, the point that unites the first and the third world. The border imposes it self like a dimensional vortex swallowing the travelers with out papers" (metro-pop)

Borderhack was a romantic act in the coldest age of the 20th century. An example that borders exist and need to be hack to understand our condition as living beings; beyond NAFTA's and cyberchicks enslave to maquiladoras in daily 10 hours shifts. Imagine a camp in the absolute geographic corner of Latinamerica, where poverty clashes with freedom and Mexico and USA are divided by a metallic wall. - Fran Ilich -

Last year we proposed to hack the border, get to know it, try to discover what it represents and the role that we get to play in it. To understand why this relationship between both sides of the borderline have been stressed and hurt by some sectors of the population that have encouraged violence and racism, but also understand that strange attraction that bind us together.

Now it's more clear that we are all illegal, the only thing that protect us are the circumstances. The obsolete function of the fence it's a fact, being force to mutate itself, and do the upgrade to genocidal trap and economic/political control mechanism. Women, men, children, seniors, they keep dying by the dozens in their attempt to migrate towards the "other side", but what they are really searching for it's a way to run away from a country that not only doesn't offer them anything, but after denying them opportunities, it won't let them have a job that will give them the choice of living with dignity.

Each time is more obvious that it's time to press "delete", and dissolve the border; that is the challenge. We are conscience of the force that holds together the border dynamic, because of that it's important to explore creative ways to fool it, and search loops in the legal systems and in the new electronic media, and mobilize our points of struggle.

One more time we call to a Borderhack, so that together we search for the ways that will help us find the key that will let us erase this historical accident.


Borderhack is a festival/camp that is part of the "kein mensch ist illegal" chain of bordercamps. It will take place in Tijuana on August 24, 25 and 26 of the year 2001. The location of the camp will be in the Playas de Tijuana part of the city, in front of the actual border fence that divides the third and the first world, and also where it penetrates the ocean. The camp will offer net art, photograph exhibits, border cinema, ISDN connections, conferences and workshops, not to mention the participation of the global hacktivist and net-media art community.

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