Contribute to the transborder-map of resistance against the borderregime

31.Aug.13 - We want to invite all groups and networks, all initiatives and campaigns, which are active in the various struggles for the rights of migrants and against the border regime implemented by the European Union, to join the project of the transborder map. Within the next few months we intend to feed (and later on to keep updated) this bilingual online-platform with as much information and contact as possible in order to collect, to visualize and to interconnect all kind of struggles for freedom of movement in Europe and North- and Westafrica. And we would like you to contribute by sending informations concerning your work, your organisational profile and the struggles and actions you are involved in. [read more]

Between migration and precarization

13.Mar.13 - The following diary was written after a tour through some tunesian cities in December 2012/January 2013. It is dedicated to a bus-caravan for freedom of movement in Tunesia, which is projected for September 2013. And it will be brought into discussion during the coming World Social Forum in Tunis when migration will become a main topic. [read more]

Out now: Crossing Borders No.11 on Precarious (Dis)Connections

20.Mar.13 - The new number of Crossing Borders is published in reference to the World Social Forum (WSF) end of March 2013 in Tunis. Migration will become a main axis in this forum as the fate of the "Harragas" - a term used in North-Africa and translated as "burning the border" - is a daily issue in Tunesia. Precarity, transnational networking and recent simultanous struggles in the movement of migration are the topics of the multilingual newsletter [Crossing Borders download page] []

Transborder map 2012

17.Nov.12 - The transborder map 2012 is a map of resistance against the European Border regime. The map documents the multitude of actions against the European Border regime and includes key-incidents of struggles from the last five years against the background of the repressive European migration regime and its continuous externalisation to the east and south. This regime is sketched on the back side of the map. The map is available for download as a high resolution pdf here [back side here]. please click on the image below to view the map in your browser. [about the map ]

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