streaming the border - welcome!

the streaming the border experiment is over. we have learned a lot and we have actually managed to produce and to show some interesting material from the bordercamps. you can still access saturday nights complete playlist via by clicking on the blue image to the right.
we have also started to make the video fragments accessible via the pages of the individual camps on there we will also add additional video material from the upcoming bordercamps in frankfurt and genova.

07.jul.01, 2305h Berlin:
we have stopped the live stream for tonight. The program that we have build from the material that has been uploaded to us tonight is available on demand. Just click on the blue image in the right collum to start the videostream. you can jump inbetween the different clips by using the 'playlist' pull down menu in the real player. so much for tonight...

07.jul.01, 2045h Berlin:
Right now we [noborder network and indymedia activists] are trying to put together the live webcast that will cover three bordercamps that are happening at the same time in Tarifa [Spain], Krynki [Poland], Lendeva [Slovenia] plus a fourth camp that took place just until this weekend next to the immigrant detention center in Campsfield [UK]. The Tarifa camp in the south of Spain is situated at the street of Gibraltar, which forms the border between Spain and North Africa. Camps in Krynki [Poland] and Lendeva [Slovenia] are situated at borders that will soon become the new exterior borders of the enlarged European Union. These camps are sites for political, cultural and media activities, they are creating a space to gather and meet, to discuss, make actions and create connections.
The stream is meant to introduce you to the idea of camping right next to those borders, to protest against and to inform about the situation at these borders that cause the deaths of hundreds of people every year trying to reach the European Union. Also it intends to transport the atmosphere of camping on the edges of Europe onto your desktop so that maybe next year there will be even more people camping!
We are facing some technical problems at the moment so all we can say so far: you will be able to see some of the coverage of the camps that is being uploaded from there with the real player - a software that you can download here. We have pictures, video and interviews from all of these actions and are putting them together into one stream that will be broadcasted on saturday the 7th of july starting at 2100h middle european summer time. If you have problems loading the stream try restarting the real player! [if you dont have one you can download it for free here]
All the material we have now plus more that is being produced in the camps will be on this website to see later as well.
It's as hot in Berlin as everywhere else and as usual computers don't quite react the way they're supposed to, but... This is the first simultaneous live broadcast from the border camps on the borders of Fortress Europe and we're very proud to present to you ... [click]