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international bordercamp strasbourg

newswire archive

below you find items that have been taken out of the newswire on the hompage because they were outdated ...


Mobilisation de strasbourgeois pour la libération d'Ahmed

07.Aug.02 - Voici un texte écrit et diffusé par des strasbourgeois participants au campement et solidaires face à la répression


Compte-rendu + commentaires sur la manifestation du 24.07.02

27.Jul.02 - Compte-rendu de la manifestation du jeudi 25 juillet 2002, suivi de quelques réflexions personnelles des auteur-e-s.


NoBorder : tract distribué le 26/07/02

26.Jul.02 - Pour la liberté de mouvement et la solidarité entre les luttes ! Malgré les flash-balls et la répression, le No Border continue !


Répression au NoBorder : protestez !

25.Jul.02 - Nous appelons toutes les personnes solidaires à faire savoir leur mécontentement aux autorités compétentes, dont voici les numéros de téléphone et faxs...


22/07/02 - Journée de manifestation NoBorder à Strasbourg : solidarité avec les réfugiés et s

24.Jul.02 - Au troisième jour du camp international de lutte contre les frontières et le contrôle social, "NoBorder", se tenant à Strasbourg, une large manifestation de solidarité avec les sans-papiers et réfugiés a eu lieu. Voici un compte-rendu des événements.


program & location of the camp released

30.Jun.02 - the noborder camp in strasbourg will be situated in the parc du rhin. this public parc is located to the east of the city center on the banks of the river rhin which forms the border between france an germany. the camp will be run in a self organized manner. the camp itself will be compromised of a number of different sections 'barrios' that will have their own kitchen facilities and other infrastructure. in order to finance the infrastructure [tents, sanitary facilities, kitchens etc.] participants are asked to pay a small participation fee. our indication is 20 euros per participant [or a fraction of this if one does not take part during the entire period of the camp]. people who cannot afford this can contribute less and people who can contribute more should do so. participants should also bring their own camping equipment. and please leave your pets [dogs etc.] at home. the provisional program of the camp's activities can be found here.

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21, 22 & 23rd of June 2002 open days at 'les Tanneries' in Dijon

18.Jun.02 - This fest is generally organized to promote the squat and its different activities/aspects. This year, we decided to focus on the No Border Camp in Strasbourg.
L'Espace Autogéré des Tanneries is a political space as well as a house involved in social and cultural activities. This space which belongs originally to the Town Council has been squatted for 4 years. Since we always wanted to remain autonomous and to fight against both commercial structures and institutions we managed to keep the place safe and alive.

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Bordercamping2002: Jena, Germany

11.May.02 - Call to the 5th no one is illegal-camp which will take place from 12th to the 19th of july in jena/thuringia/germany. After last years camp in frankfurt again the internal borders will be a main topic of this camp, this time a strong cooperation with selforganisations of refugees has started and for the first time a few hundred refugees are expected to participate. After the camp on the 19th of july a convoi will start from jena in direction to strasbourg...

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Invitation to No Border camp - Imatra, Finland

09.May.02 - The Finnish No Border group will organize a border camp in Imatra, in the border of Finland and Russia, in the eastern border of the European Union, which maintains the second largest difference in the standard of living in the world. Commodities and money are circulated over the border but the movement of people is strictly controlled.
In the camp there will be workshops about e.g. immigration, racism, detention centers, deportations and borders. There will also be practical work with the inhabitants of the city in order to have an effect on the attitudes concerning the border, e.g. by the means of music and other cultural activity. The camp will offer a possibility to build co-operation, activity and understanding and it is even as such a demonstration against all borders.

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