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international bordercamp strasbourg


check out the links below to get an idea who is involved in the strasbourg bordercamp...

website of the european noborder network

this is the website of the european noborder network of anti-racist groups. on this site you can find news and information about the networks activities. this site also contains extensive documentation of past border camps that have taken place across europe.

website of this years bordercamp in the australian town of woomera. extensive documentation and background information on what happend during the camp.

virtual people smuggler

the virtual people smuggler is a remote participation engine that allows intrested persons a certain degree of on-line particpation in off-line actions. the first run of the virtual people smuggler took place during this years bordercamp in woomera [you can find a webjournal of the vents there on the vps' site]. the vps will also be enable remot participation during the strasbourg camp...

portal site of different anti deportation campaigns that are foccussing on the role of airlines in the deportation business.

no network sans titre

a french speaking network of autonomous spaces, individuals and collectifs that travel along the years through friendly spaces (squats, farms, etc.) to do meetings, plan collectiv actions, live and party together ...

Mouvement de l'Immigration et des Banlieues [MIB]

Website [in french] of the Mouvement de l'Immigration et des Banlieues [MIB]. The MIB is an self organisation of Migrants in the banlieues of the mayor french cities. they are campainging against police violence, double penalty and other expressions of colonial justice in France

La Fléche production

Website of the Video/activist collective 'La Fléche production' from strasbourg. On this site you will find Videos to download and the programe of the 'no-border action' series of public video screenings and discussions which is organized in the run up to the camp in Strasbourg.