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international bordercamp strasbourg


all events take place on the campsite [prac du rhin] unless otherwise stated, the programm is very unstable so check the info point on the campsite for the latest developments

saturday 20.07.02

1500h: opening parade and decentralized actions [city center]
1800h one year after genoa, video conference and debate

sunday 21.07.02

1600h: practical workshop to prepare the action against social control

1600h: coordination of activities about peoples global action [PGA] during the noborder camp

1700h: first caravan des banlieus [meinau place de provence]:
meeting with the Bilal family [a member of which recently died on an elevator] plus a meeting with the Houri Family from Montfermeil. also every day during the caravan des banlieus: grafftti workshop, barbeque and alcohol-free bar.

1800h: workshop 'european social consulta, a direct democracy without borders'

1800h: legal workshop

2000h: central evening event: freedom of movement and settlement [organized by the Collectief Anti Expulsions Paris, Kein Mensch ist Illegal and the VOICE]

2100h: discussion 'immigration, middle east conflict and antisemitism'

monday 22.07.02

1100h: demonstration outside the European Court of Human Rights against the German Residenzpflicht law

1500h: self defense and thai-box workshop

1600h: debate on the links between the european social consulta, the noborder network and the struggles of people without papers

1700h: caravan des banlieus [quartier des ecrivains, terrain rouge, rue brandt]:
prison universe, deaths in custody - with a presentation by FLIDD [Families en Lutte contre l'Insecurity et les Deces en Detention]

1800h: discussion 'antisemitism on the left?'

1800h: presentation of the peoples global action [PGA] and the liden conference in september

2000h: central evening event: debate on freedom of communication and political use of computer technology with d.sec

2300h: slide show on anti-racist and anti-capitalist struggles

tuesday 23.07.02

1100h: discussion/workshop 'free software and direct democracy within the european social consulta'

1700h: anti-law and order surprises, street theatre 'la vie en bleu' followed by a carrot and stick parade plus a guided tour of the most attractive surveilance cameras in strasbourg [place kleber, city center]

1700h: caravan des banlieus [Cronenbourg, Place Arago]:
with a screening of 'Dupont Lajoie' followed by a discussion on two-speed justice and a Samba workshop]

2100h: central evening event: discussion and exchange with people involved in the PGA network, the noborder network, the publix theatre caravan and the french 'sans titre' non-network

2300h: video screenings: Otra Vista [a german documentray about stateless sex-workers] and an film about the bordercamp in Woomera [Australia] that took place earlier this year

wednesday 24.07.02

1600h: demonstration against the Geispolheim detention center [meeting point: place de la gare]

1700h: caravan des banlieus [Elsau, rue Mathias Grunewald]:
theme: 'prison', open air screening of the film 'wesh wesh - qu'est ce qui se passe?' and discussion with the producer of the film]

2100h: central evening event: debate on migration and work with 'everyone is an expert' [germany/the netherlands], the american 'coalition for amnesty and dignity', union activists from el ejido [spain], and autonomous immigrant workers organsiations from italy

2300h:workshop 'water and migration in a globalised world'

thursday 25.07.02

1500h: carnival parade on clandestine labour [meeting point: place broglie]

1700h: caravan des banlieus [Neuhof, Place Nontron]:
theme: 'double penalty'

1800h: concert, free stage, juggling, music with '5e kolonne' [lucid hip-hop], 'Irie' [ska], 'dominatrix' [hardcore-melodic-feminist-punk], 'versbox' [mixs], 'utopia' [words and music], 'lack of reason' [emo-core (what is this supposed to be????)]

2100h: central evening event: debate on various aspects of social control and surveillance in everyday life

2300h: film screening: 'Sessiz Ölüm' documentary film about turkish political prisoniers'

Friday 26.07.02

1400h: workshop about the migrants situation in australia

1600h: demonstration in support of political prisoners [place de la cathedrale]

1500h: Colonial Justice day: discussion groups

2100h: Colonial Justice day/entral evening event: debate on colonial justice and institutionalized racism presented by the Movement de l'Immigration et des Banlieus [MIB] and the Festival contre les lois racistes

saturday 27.07.02

1400h: final action/demonstration 'No Border, No Nation and no SIS! [meeting point: place de la Republique]

2000h: farewell party

sunday 28.07.02

dismantling of the camp and departure....