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Stop the criminalization of the noborder-camp!

Below you find the latest news about the attempts to criminalize the noborder camp that took place in Strasbourg this summer. These information are based on the work of the 'il/legal-team in exile [to find out how to contact them click here]. The legal team also produced a number of texts about the legal situation for activists in France which are still available here.

For all these selfless activities the il/legal-team depends on your donations. Click here to find out how to donate money to the il/legal-team.

mobilisation poster for the action week in feb 03
.: news from the il/legal team

Account from the week of action

01.Mar.03 - Four actions to our knowledge (two in Paris, one against Air France from the collective against deportations, and one from "people who don't pay their tickets, among others" against the National Rail Company's anti-ticket-fraud campaign; one in Strasbourg against the Elsau prison, and one in Philadelphia against the Immigration and Naturalization Services building, where legal immigrants are being forced to register and submit to interrogation -- this was made part of several weeks of feature news on immigration for Radio Volta). Some people also came to Strasbourg and Colmar for the trials. The German defendants charged in the flag case proposed to mobilize with the anti-fascist networks in case of an appeal. Signs were also put up throughout France. It may not be much, but none of these initiatives stayed within the defensive framework of anti-repression activism; all sought to address the themes of the camp by various angles (the deportation of migrants, the criminalization of those who don't pay for public transport, and prison).

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Press release: Fifteen days time served for the 17 activists who occupied the Ministry of Justice in Strasbourg

27.Feb.03 - Imagine. You learn that a human being is suffering persecution within a prison, a veritable form of torture. Arrested during a demonstration in july 2002, this person is beaten, held in a police station with a broken wrist, and accused of having broken the hand of a police officer. He is held in pretrial preventative detention and placed in solitary confinement: alone in his cell, alone during exercise breaks, without the right to a single visit. Knowing that wihtout any human contact, being placed in a confined space can provoke serious psychiatric problems, such as depression, trouble with language, distortion of spatial and temporal perception, emotional problems..., you demand a visit. You bang your head agaisnt the inertia of the administration; all visits are refused. You end up learning that, officially, he is given this crual treatment because of his opinions: he is alleged to be anti-prison.

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Judicial finagling: will the prosecutor wipe his feet on the flag?

25.Feb.03 - Today two trials took place linked to the repression of the No Border Camp and its follow-up. The camp took place in Strasbourg from July 19-28 2003, and focussed on the themes of freedom of movement and freedom of residence -- right to come, right to go, right to stay -- the reusal of social control, and of the Schengen Informaiton System, which is based in Strasbourg.
This time, the court was not subject to a police siege, in contrast with former "No Border" trials; the riot police didn't block the door, the public was not prevented from entering, neither were members of the audience searched nor did they have their ID confiscated. Those exceptional conditions had been the subject of a report by the League for Human Rights after the trial of the "17" (who were judged for an occupation of the Strasbourg branch office of the Ministry of Justice).

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Impression du procès des '17' a la cour d'appel de Colmar

07.Feb.03 - A la cour d'appel de Colmar, avait lieu le procès des 17 personnes qui avaient occupé une annexe du ministère de la justice à Strasbourg le 23 aout 2002. Commencé ce matin à 9 heures, il s'est achevé à 15h!!! Dans la salle, seules 15 personnes ont pu entrer et tous, y compris les inculpés, ont dû déposer une pièce d'identité à l'entrée. Un rassemblement de soutien avait lieu à l'extérieur. La matinée a été consacrée à l'audition des 17 et des témoignages des employés du bâtiment qui ont tous infirmé la notion de séquestration. Il a même été prouvé par les témoins de l'accusation eux-même que la séquestration était un "montage" puisque ce sont les policiers eux-même qui ont bloqué la sorte de secours avec une palette juste avant que les supérieurs d'une des employés lui demandent de sortir, ce qui était devenu impossible du fait de la palette. Après une courte suspension d'audience, le procureur s'est exprimé. Il a alors demandé que ne soit plus considéré la séquestration mais uniquement la violation de domicile, et réclamé 2 mois d'emprisonnement avec sursis. La pratique de l'occupation est de toute évidence insupportable à l'Etat.


17 activists held hostage to the justice system in Colmar: the backsliding prosecutor eats his words.

07.Feb.03 - On August 23 2002, 17 people for the Collective to Support the NoBorder Camp Defendants occupy the Strasbourg branch office of the Ministry of Justice. The aim of their action is so that one of the incarcerated participants of the No Border Camp can finally be allowed visits and released from solitary confinement. The activist in question, who had been arrested among others during a demonstration for freedom of movement and for all immigrant detention centers to be closed, was held in pretrial detention under particularly cruel conditions, those conditions that are part of the toolbox that the prison system uses daily to break prisoners. The three employees present during the occupation decided to stay on-site because their higher-ups had told them to stay.

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Paris: demonstration in solidarity with the 17 accused

02.Feb.03 - On Sunday, February 2, about 500 people demonstrated at Clichy Square in Belleville, Paris, in solidarity with the defendants from the Strasbourg No Border Camp and to urge that all charges against them be dropped. Behind a huge banner, "Freedom of movement! Freedom of residence! Close the immigrant detention camps! Valid 10-year residence permits for all!" marched the migrants without valid residence papers. Among the collectives of undocumented migrants that were present, there was the Multitude Collective, the "Maison des Ensembles" ("House of Associations"), the 9th Collective, and the Kabyl collective. The mobilization continues: we meet for another rally on Wednesday, February 5 at 5 pm in front of the Ministry of Justice (at the corner of Rue de la Paix and Vendome Square, Opera metro stop).

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Free the accused noborder activists - Freedom of movement and circulation

25.Jan.03 - While Sarkozy showers migrants and associations with pretty platitudes, deportations are continuing at a pretty pace. The immigrant detention camps are full. These prisons that dare not speak their own names, where we lock up undocumented migrants so as to deport them, are now even more blatantly the doorsteps of death. On December 30, 2002, Ricardo Barrientos, a 52-year-old Argentine, victim of the "double penalty" of prison time plus deportation, was killed in the Air France plane where the police had forced him to board and held him there by force, bending his body double. Just two weeks later, January 18, it was the turn of Marianne Getu Hagos, a 24-year-old Somali whom the police had just refused political asylum. And so as to be able to deport even more, more detention camps are being built, such as the one that just opened in Coquelles, near Calais, and the Palaiseau camp that will open if the mobilization that has been growing for two years now is not able to stop it.

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Legal team: Summary and Base of Action for the Future.

05.Nov.02 - This text should allow us to at once reevaluate the work done by the Legal Team acording to its objectives that were set before the camp, and to propose bases for action in the future. The Il-Legal team was called to continue its activities as long as the trials linked to the camp lasted. We hope that this update will contribute to a more general reflection on self-organization as regards means of reaction to repression, and we hope that it will be useful to all those who would like to get involves in similar initiatives on other occasions.

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Ahmed trail update

10.Oct.02 - Ahmed's appeal was held on October 8 in the appeals court in Colmar. Despite the inconsistencies of the accusation and the supporting testimonies, his sentence was confirmed, making it impossible for him to contest the false verdict of guilt. Ahmed wlil be relesed from prison Tuesday morning, October 15. Despite the fact that his sentence was converted to time served (with his time in pretrial preventative detention included) Ahmed has paid heavily for the State's repressive policy.

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Free Ahmed!

15.Sep.02 - Ahmed, co-founder of Spontaneous Movement, which was created after the primary elections in France, participant in the No Border Camp, was arrested on July 24 2002 during a demonstration in support of the sans-papiers, for the closing of detention centers, and for freedom of movement and residence.
He is currently incarcerated, condemned August 21 2002 to 8 months in prison, with a parole hearing after three, and 700 Euros in fines, despite multiple inconsistencies and procedural errors.

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Legal Consequences of the No Border Camp, Strasbourg

06.Sep.02 - It was always obvious to the organizers of the Strasbourg camp that our initiative would have to comprise a willingness to react, collectively if at all possible, in the event of repressive episodes during camp's existence and face up to any subsequent legal action as efficiently as possible. This is why a Legal Team was established before and during the camp. [...] We shall also need to be especially efficient if we are to avoid the trap of spending all our time responding to repressive measures. We must learn to make solidarity measures with those charged an opportunity for political and practical advancement in the direction of our principal goals...

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The court stopped in its tracks: 17 prisoners freed

27.Aug.02 - The 17 activists who had occupied an office of the ministry of justice on Friday the 23 were brought before the correctional tribunal for immediate trial, after a prolonged period in the poiice station and being placed in detention at the Strasbourg jail. The number of defendants being too large for the ordinary courtroom to be used, the hearing was held in the room of the higher court. As with every trial concerning Noborder activists or their support committee, the entry to the courtroom was partially blocked, turning the hearing into a closed audience by default if not by law.

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Occupation of a building of the Ministery of Justice in Strasbourg

23.Aug.02 - We are currently occupying the annex of the ministry of justice, which is at 8 Gustave Adolphe Hirn Road, in Strasbourg, to demand an end to the unacceptable treatment that Ahmed has suffered in prison for a month of isolation without visits. We demand that he be immediately accorded a visitation permit and that the prison give us assurances that he is out of solitary confinement.

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Report from the trail against Ahmed

22.Aug.02 - Ahmed has been sentenced to 8 months prison, with 5 suspended. During these last months and within the context of "zero tolerance" we have noticed that sentences for similar acts (outrages and violence towards a police agent) have been much heavier.
Therefore we can say that this sentence is not a recognition of his guilt, but constitues an attempt to intimidate the mouvement. The verdict stands as a condamnation of the actions accomplished during the no-border camp.

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Communique du Syndicat de la Magistrature sur la condamnation d'Ahmed Meguini

22.Aug.02 - Le Tribunal correctionnel de Srasbourg a condamné hier Ahmed Meguini, fondateur du mouvement spontané du peuple à 8 mois d'emprisonnement, dont 3 mois fermes pour outrages et violences commises sur un policier lors d'une manifestation à Srasbourg, en faveur de la liberté de circulation et des droits des étrangers. Les faits sont contestés par l'intéressé, qui a été mis en cellule à l'isolement pendant un mois de détention provisoire en attendant le jugement du 21 août, prononcé en comparution immédiate.

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Actions across europe in support of ahmed [multilingual]

21.Aug.02 - Today actions in support of Ahmed took place in diffrent cities across Europe. In spite of the different actions Ahmed who was arrested during a demonstration in the context of the noborder camp in strasbourg, was sentenced by a court in strasbourg to sentenced to 8 months with 5 months of parole. He was also fined about 1000 euros. Ahmed had asked for creative actions. Here some the reports...

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Ahmed: solidarity action

20.Aug.02 - On August 20th, in front of the Elsau jail in Strasbourg, the Collective to Support Ahmed made a solidarity action to brighten up prison life. We launched red balloons, from which were hung flags denouncing all prisons and the conditions inside. Besides being an anti-prison action, this action was meant to let Ahmed know, the day before his trial, that the police's attempt to criminalize him will not go unnoticed. Ahmed, co-founder of the political group "Spontaneous Movement," has been held in pretrial detention since July 26 and, being considered an antiprison activist, has been held in solitary confinement. The Collective to Support Ahmed calls for these judicial proceedings against him tp be stopped. Free Ahmed!

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August 21st: International mobilisation for the liberation of Ahmed

18.Aug.02 - Ahmed, an activist of the Mouvement Spontané and participant of the no border camp at Strasbourg, has been subject to a targeted arrest during the demonstration on 24/07 for freedom of movement and settlement and for the closure of detention centers.
To demand his liberation and the stop of the legal proceedings against Ahmed and also others who have been charged during the no-border camp (6 participants of the camphave to appear in trial at Strasbourg next February), we are calling the "incontrollables" of Europe and beyond to come to Strasbourg to assist in the trial of August 21st, and to participate in the organisation of an international day of actions and manifestations of solidarity everywhere else.

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Call for solidarity with Ahmed [imprisoned since 24/07]

12.Aug.02 - The support collective for Ahmed (and for the other activists that have been criminalized after the noborder demonstrations) from Strasbourg has decided to invite all organizations and associations to act in solidarity against the criminalization of activists, to express their support for Ahmed on the 21st of Augustus during his trail, and to demand the end of his isolation in prison and support his demand to be freed.

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A message from CAE Paris

05.Aug.02 - The CAE (Anti-deportation Collective), which takes part in the no-border network and is concerned with struggles against repression, whether they are lead in prisons or anywhere else, entirely supports the declaration made by the Il-legal team...

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Des ballons pour un parloir sauvage...

04.Aug.02 - Suite à l'incarcération d'Ahmed, son placement en régime d'isolement accompagné d'un refus suite à la demande de parloir, nous avons décidé de lui adresser quelques saluts ainsi qu'à tous les prisonniers de la maison d'arret de Strasbourg, en reprenant quelques revendications des prisonniers en lutte (fermeture des quartiers d'isolements, abolition du mitard...).


After the Camp, an Activist in Prison

04.Aug.02 - The violence of the police repression during this protest (massive use of tear gas and pepper spray, and beatings) severely injured at least two activists, one by a rubber bullet fired at a distance of less than four meters. The whole camp was subject to constant police harassment, such as a ban on all demonstrations, 50 arrests, and charges leading to trial for 7 people.

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Il/Legal Team: how to go on?

31.Jul.02 - We are participants in the No Border camp; we are not lawyers nor barristers (see the text presenting the legal team in the camp's legal defense guide). We act, in connection with both local and out-of-town lawyers who accept our way of working, with a perspective self-organization, in the face of repression, both via mobilization and via defense in the courts

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Neither good nor bad, neither guilty nor victims...

31.Jul.02 - Freedom of movement frightens many. It is accorded or, more often, refused, according to discriminatory criteria: country of origin; sex; level of education; familial, social, political, or economic status... the climate created by the security forces is accentuated by laws connected to the September 11th attacks and new tools of repression, such as the Schengen Information System. It was to construct a place of rupture with the processes that control our lives that the international No Border network organized a camp at Strasbourg, from July 19 to 28.

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How the Legal Team will work during the Camp

08.Jul.02 - The legal group has given itself two objectives: (1) help about participants self-management on the camp in case of repression and (2) propose a legal workshop and discussions on knowledge and skill sharing regarding repression.

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