news archive

This archive contains all news items that have been potsted on from the beginning until today:

31.Aug.13Contribute to the transborder-map of resistance against the borderregime
20.Mar.13Out now: Crossing Borders No.11 on Precarious (Dis)Connections
13.Mar.13Between migration and precarization
17.Nov.12Transborder map 2012
16.Aug.12No Goodbye! The Departure from the South and the New Trans-Mediterranean Solidarity
08.Aug.12New Issue of Crossing Borders about Young Migrants
21.Dec.11Boats4People will start in July 2012
09.Mar.11freedom not frontex
17.Jan.11Out now: Crossing Borders #9: Exit is voice!
25.Dec.10from Bamako fo Dakar: caravan-tour for freedom of movement and fair development
25.Sep.105 years after Ceuta & Melilla - mobilization in Mobilisation Oujda/Maroc
15.Aug.10Swarming NoBorder-activities in Greece from 27.8.-11.9.2010
25.May.10Out now: Crossing Borders #8: FrontExplode - Fighting the Borderregime
02.May.10Migrationrelated Activities during the European Social Forum in Istanbul
02.May.10No border lasts forever! - 5 years Frontex - 5 years after Ceuta & Melilla
03.Apr.10Call for a European Week of Action Against the Deportation Machine 1st - 6th June 2010
09.Dec.09meanwhile in Bruxelles (photos)...
28.Nov.09Protest and events against the adoption of the Stockholm program in Brussels
29.Oct.09Next month in Bruxelles: Stop another 5 year program of death and detention!
30.Sep.09Act against the migrant hunting agency of the European Union!
20.Sep.09Communiqué from Mytilini/Lesvos, August 2009
02.Aug.09Crossing Borders #7: What Crisis?
05.Jul.09Solidarity with the refugees in Morocco
05.Jul.09Noborder Camp Lesvos: Repression has no place on our boat
18.Feb.09meanwhile in lampedusa... (#2)
16.Feb.09Report on 'Des Ponts pas des Murs' in Paris 17th of octobre 2008
25.Jan.09meanwhile on Lampedusa...
06.Nov.08Transnationalization now!
21.Sep.08Crossing Border #6: Where is the world migrating?
21.Sep.08First summary of the 2008 Transnational Chain of Actions
08.Jun.08shut down frontex - protest at frontex HQ in warsaw
01.Jun.08Stop the European return directive now!
27.May.08Resistance Against Frontex
27.May.08Call out for No Border camp in Patras
19.May.08For a Europe of Openness and Solidarity
05.May.08Migrants protagonists of the Euro MayDay008 in Milan
27.Apr.08meanwhile in Greece
25.Apr.08Noborder camp in Turkey
25.Apr.08An Unpredictable Ring of the Chain
20.Apr.08Actionday on June 6th in Warsaw/Poland: SHUT DOWN FRONTEX!
20.Apr.08Report from the London Conference against Immigration Controls
19.Apr.08Report from the Bamako meeting with deported migrant workers
11.Apr.08EuroMayDay008 Call to Action
05.Apr.08Background: Perfection of the Border Regime
05.Apr.08Migrationrelated activities during the 2008 ESF in Malmö
05.Apr.08Photos from the meeting with deported migrant workers in Bamako
26.Mar.08Torino conference report
03.Mar.08Conference against Immigration Controls
03.Mar.08Actions in Athens/Greece
03.Mar.08Warsaw: Action day against Frontex
03.Mar.08Hamburg: Antiracist actioncamp with a focus on EU-charter-deportations to Africa
01.Mar.0815 May: Meeting with deported migrant workers in Bamako
01.Mar.08Turin - Toward a Migrants' 1st of May!
27.Feb.08Pictures from the demonstration in Sevilla
22.Feb.08meanwhile in FR: revolt in foreigners camps
17.Feb.0823th February (in Spain): Action Day for Immigrants Rights
02.Feb.08Major Victory for Dutch Cleaners
02.Feb.08meanwhile in Greece
01.Feb.08Migrant / Media / Metropolis - New labour struggles in the global city
31.Jan.08Frequently Asked Questions
30.Jan.08Fighting the borderregime! Transnationalization now!
18.Dec.07UK: Protests Against Dawn Raids
02.Nov.07meanwhile in Oujda (Morocco)...
30.Oct.07reports (4x)...
29.Oct.07meanwhile in brescia (italy)...
03.Sep.07Trial in Agrigento: No to the criminalisation of solidarity
30.Aug.07meanwhile in italy: fishermen arrested having saved 44 shipwrecked migrants
06.Aug.07No Borders UK statement on the Campsfield detainees' escape
15.Jul.07background: Go West ...
14.Jul.07background: In front of the border fence of Europe
12.Jul.07Air France KLM employees demand to stop deportatio
29.May.07An Invitation To The Gatwick No Border Camp 2007
20.May.07Antiracist G8 action and event calendar
03.May.07Call out for No Border Camp in Ukraine 2007
01.May.07migration-related activities during the antiG8 mobilisation in germany
09.Apr.07meanwhile in NL: 'opening' of prison boats
17.Feb.07meanwhile at the borders...
09.Jan.07Open letter by Moroccan, African and European associations
05.Jan.07migeurop statement on the situation in Morrocco
01.Jan.07meanwhile in Morocco...
07.Oct.06reports from the 3rd international action day
20.Sep.067oct: from Warsaw in Poland to Nouakchott in Mauretania
31.Jul.06meanwihile on the slovenian italian border...
03.Jul.06meanwhile in Barcelona...
19.Jun.063rd day of Migration-Related Actions: 7 oct 2006
16.Jun.06Migrations, fundamental rights and freedom of movement
08.Jun.06meanwhile in Sweden
27.May.06Barcelona 23-25 June: 2nd European Caravan for Freedom of movement
25.May.06ESF06: short report fom the Assembly on Migrations
24.May.06ESF06: reports from migration related seminars
21.May.06IOM watch: HRW report on IOM role in Ukraine
19.May.06Frassanito Network on Movements and Struggles of Migration
17.May.06Ceuta and Melilla, 8 months later...
20.Mar.06MigMap - Governing Migration
12.Mar.06meanwhile in it: Free the people! Fight teo-cons!
09.Mar.06For The Dignity and The Respect of Migrants
08.Mar.06meanwhile in Ukraine & Uzbekistan
18.Feb.06updated version of european camp map available
10.Feb.06Italy - Closing detention centres: the struggle is always on
20.Jan.06freedom of movement and equal rights @ G8 2007
15.Jan.06Frassanito - by any means necessary
07.Dec.05italy: 30.000 migrants demonstrate in rome
20.Nov.05meanwhile in the netherlands...
28.Oct.05european caravan against the fence: no-one is illegal
21.Oct.0529 october: european day of action
10.Oct.05deaths in Nador, deportations into the desert
08.Oct.05morocco/spain: deportations and death
29.Sep.05five more migrants die in ceuta
02.Sep.05meanwile outside of melilla...
01.Sep.05meanwhile in lampedusa
06.Aug.05meanwhile in italy/sicily
20.Jul.05A summer of struggles for migrants rights in Sicily
10.May.05meanwhile in france (sans papiers update)
22.Apr.051st of may 2005: euromayday005
18.Apr.05meanwhile in paris...
12.Apr.05meanwhile in athens
08.Apr.05actionday reports from the rest of europe
08.Apr.05reports and pictures from the action day
08.Apr.05actionday reports from the United Kingdom
08.Apr.05actionday reports from Germany
07.Apr.05actionday reports from Italy
22.Mar.05Overview of actions & events
22.Mar.05meanwhile in Italy...
22.Mar.05For Freedom Of Movement And The Right To Stay
18.Feb.05meanwhile in bruxelles ...
31.Jan.052/4: For freedom of movement and the right to stay
15.Nov.04Charter flights - cheaper by the dozen
20.Oct.04Call against charter deportations
15.Oct.04Newspaper: Movements of Migration
10.Oct.04fadaiat chronicle, through spaces at Fortress EU's
10.Oct.04Beyond ESF - Programme & Timetable
08.Oct.04Seminar @ ESF'04: Migration as social movement
07.Oct.04Global Women's Strike at the ESF
06.Oct.04Solidarity demonstration for asylum seekers
03.Oct.04Life despite Capitalism
27.Sep.04Precarious Work
25.Sep.042nd day of europeanwide actions on 2 april 2005
24.Sep.04Border regimes and the autonomy of migration
24.Sep.04Migration related activities and intervention:
24.Sep.04Selfpresentations of the participating groups
23.Sep.04Right to legalisation!
22.Sep.04Camps: migrations control, migrants struggles
21.Sep.04Migrant Labour
20.Sep.04Introductional speech
23.Aug.04DE: de-defencing tour started
15.Aug.04Invitation for an ESF preparation meeting
22.Jul.04map of European internment camps for foreigners
08.Jul.04germany: call for an anti-lager-action-tour
27.Jun.04summer?!: nobordercamps, actions and conferences
24.Jun.04IT: action aganinst Gradisca Detention Center
15.Jun.04Sin Papeles Actions in Barcelona
05.Jun.04mistreatment in a dutch deportation-prison
04.Jun.04meanwhile in australia: flotilla2004
29.May.04Migration at the European Social Forum 2004
07.May.04Occupation of a detention centre in construction
26.Mar.04Solidarity demonstartion for Roma in Helsinki
17.Mar.04Anti-fascist action in Moscow
15.Feb.04First European Day of Action: 11 countries and 49 cities involved.
15.Feb.04First European Day of Action: 49 cities involved
03.Feb.04european day of migrants struggles - reports
25.Jan.0431.Jan: European Action Day
23.Jan.0431.januari.2004: Common Manifesto
23.Jan.04UK: Group4 racism at Yarls Wood exposed
14.Dec.03Chechen refugees and the visa regime in Poland
13.Dec.03BE: police officers convicted for killing Semira Adamu
13.Dec.03Anti-deportation protests in France
23.Nov.03Air France sues its own passagers
14.Nov.03European Action Day on the 31st of January 2004
27.Oct.03Migration related initiaves during the ESF
25.Aug.03fence around dutch detention center dismanteled
21.Aug.03meanwhile in NL: deportation charter canceled
20.Aug.03death at the border - who is to blame?
10.Aug.03German police raid border camp
03.Aug.03Detention camp Bari Palese closed after action
01.Aug.03Stop the global camp system
01.Aug.03Stop the deportation - Protest against the Ausreisezentrum for migrants.
29.Jul.03Torino, Italy: 22 escape from detention
29.Jul.03Report from the noborder camp in Timisoara
28.Jul.03international noborder-camp in frassanito, italy
28.Jul.03Migrants escape during action at detention camp
26.Jul.03final demonstration in san foca
24.Jul.03first demonstartion at c.p.t regina pacis in san foca
23.Jul.03More on the killing of Cheibani Wague in Vienna
20.Jul.03On the death of Shibane Wague in Vienna
04.Jul.03Anti-border camp in Krynki, Poland. July 2003
28.Jun.03Meanwhile around the Mediterranean Sea
17.Jun.03PublixTheatreCaravan 2003
15.Jun.03Anti border conference - update
07.Jun.033000 at demonstration against IOM, WIPO and WTO
05.Jun.03Noborder camp in Puglia-Salento 21-27/7
05.Jun.03Caravan to Thessaloniki 2003
04.Jun.03Directions to the camp in Frassanito (Puglia)
01.Jun.03Protest agianst the IOM office in Belgrade
23.May.03mobilisation aginst the EU-top in Thessaloniki
23.May.03Camp in Puglia-Salento - provisional programme
22.May.03Noborder Camp in near Krynki (Poland) - 2-7/7
20.May.0330/5 geneva: wipe out IOM, WTO and WIPO
19.May.03Anti-border conference 26-29 june 2003, Warsaw
19.May.03Noborder Camp in Timisoara (Romania),9-15 june
19.May.03International Anarchist Meeting 27-30 June 2003
19.May.03Noborder Camp in Timisoara (Romania) 9-15 june
19.May.03noborder summer calendar03
19.May.03wipe out g-8 - mid may update
19.May.03The globalisation of migration control
18.May.03Situation in topside Detention Nauru (run by IOM)
15.May.03camping2003: noborder tour 03
10.May.03Human rights watchdogs condemn IOM
01.May.03from geneva to geneva!
29.Apr.03Demonstration at the paris-orly airport
10.Apr.03reccomended viewing: Go No Go
09.Apr.036th Antiracist no-border camp - köln 31/7 - 10/8
09.Apr.03No-Border camp in Puglia-Salento(21/7 - 27/7)
20.Mar.03Paris: occupation of FRAM (french chartered flights)
19.Mar.03Meanwhile in the netherlands...
12.Mar.03France: strike agianst ARCADE succesfull after 1 year!
09.Mar.03Germany: actions against Air France
24.Feb.03More protests at Air France agencies in Paris
18.Feb.03meanwhile in belgium
17.Feb.03Meanwhile at an Air France counter in Frankfurt...
13.Feb.03Meanwhile in Belgian courtrooms ...
10.Feb.03 Paris: anti-deportation protests at Roissy airport
10.Feb.03Air France on the loose ...
03.Feb.03meanwhile in africa ...
31.Jan.03Occupation of an Air France agency in Paris
21.Jan.03another death during a deportation [updated]
21.Jan.03Meanwhile in Greece ...
08.Jan.03another violent death in the deportation class
01.Jan.03AUS: Detainees set multiple detention centers on fire
27.Dec.02AUS: Call to protest at Baxter detention center
22.Dec.02meanwhile in germany [or should we say bavaria?] ...
13.Dec.02KLM: deportation stopped by telefax
13.Dec.02France: Background information on the Arcade strike
04.Dec.02Sans-papiers occupy the OMI office in Paris
03.Dec.02meanwhile in Italy [with pictures]...
03.Dec.02green pepper 'borders' issue out now
30.Nov.02Report from this years noborder camp in Slovenia
21.Nov.02Why we are campaigning against the IOM
19.Nov.02Publication on the woomera bordercamp available
08.Nov.02meanwhile in france ...
04.Nov.02noborder @ the european social forum
04.Nov.02The IOM in Spain and Latin America
20.Oct.02Actions against migration management in FR, UK & B
16.Oct.02meanwhile in italy... [with pictures]
15.Oct.02First IOM action-day roundup [with pictures]
14.Oct.02netstrike against atthack the iom
14.Oct.02France: Call to support striking migrant workers
11.Oct.02noborder-actionday in vienna
11.Oct.02Migration control office closed in Helsinki
10.Oct.02Office-closure-event at the IOM-Office Berlin
09.Oct.02IOM in Australia and Nauru
09.Oct.02press-release: Europe-wide Day of Action
02.Oct.02Ukriane - lessons in border management
02.Oct.02The baltic states - enlarging fortress europe
27.Sep.02The IOM a secondary issue?
22.Sep.02Invitation to a meeting on migration during the esf
20.Sep.0219.10: demonstration against detention in dover
16.Sep.02Copenhagen: occupation of a detention centre
09.Sep.02France: developments in the sans-papiers movement
07.Sep.02Be aware: the IOM is haunting
07.Sep.0213.10: Action Day against Migration Management
18.Aug.02Projects against Women Trafficking
18.Aug.02Finland - population exchange
18.Aug.02Ukraine - artificial borders
18.Aug.02Turkey - IOM policy kills
18.Aug.02IOM plays waiting game with Nazi slave workers
18.Aug.02UK - 'voluntary assisted return'
18.Aug.02The Global Migration Regime
18.Aug.02The IOM, Spies and Migrant Hunters
17.Aug.02The European Union's Migration Regime
12.Aug.02meanwhile in austria [omofuma process update] ...
10.Aug.02Persecution of muslims in Russia
09.Aug.02Meanwhile in France... [arcade strike update]
08.Aug.02finnish border camp canceld
01.Aug.02Update about Finnish antibordercamp
10.Jul.02First report from the polish border camp
30.Jun.02Polish camp: Program and practical info
29.Jun.02Activists free 35 immigrants in woomera
20.Jun.02Knocking Holes in Fortress Europe
13.Jun.02Migrant workers on strike in france - updated!
13.Jun.02Photos from the tarifa bordercamp
13.Jun.02International noborder-camp in Strasbourg
03.Jun.02Meanwhile in russia...
29.May.02Meanwhile in finland ...
17.May.02Demonstration in Coquelles/Sangatte - a report
17.May.02The anti - border camp project in Poland. 5- 14.6
11.May.02Bordercamping2002: Jena, Germany
11.May.02Bordercamping2002: chain of bordercamps
09.May.02Invitation to No Border camp - Imatra, Finland
29.Apr.02Meanwhile in France ...
28.Apr.02Marcus Omofuma: Murder unpunished
07.Apr.02Meanwhile in Austria...
29.Mar.02Fences come down - will borders be next?
23.Mar.02virtual people smuggler :: destination woomera
22.Mar.02Open letter from chechen refugees in Germany
22.Mar.02Australia: Stand up Against Deportations
16.Mar.02Meanwhile in Belgium ...
15.Mar.02noborder-zone Graz 19.3.-24.3.2002
07.Mar.02Action against Cameroom Airlines
05.Mar.02Expulsion of noborder activist - support needed!
05.Mar.02The Omofuma Deportation
26.Feb.02Meanwhile in Austria ...
18.Feb.02Yarls Wood Detention Centre - Burnt to the Ground
04.Feb.02Emergency Campaign: Support Nico Sguiglia
03.Feb.02Anti deportation protests in Spain
30.Jan.02Who made the SIS
28.Jan.02Call for solidarity with stateless Lebanese Kurds
25.Jan.02AI on the situation of women and girls in Russia
25.Jan.02Meanwhile in Italy ...
24.Jan.02Case studies of human rights abuses in Chechnya
24.Jan.02AI on situation of girls and women in Chechnya
23.Jan.02Report on the situation in woomera
05.Jan.02The legal situation in Germany
04.Jan.02new on
04.Jan.02Press statement of Roma-organization on the IOM
04.Jan.02IOM on migration management in the Baltic States
25.Dec.01Testimonial on the Situation of Chechens in Russia
25.Dec.01About the IOM
24.Dec.01The situation of chechen refugees in russia
15.Dec.01Protest against deportations at Brusseles Airport
09.Dec.01EU plans to extend the Schengen Information System
09.Dec.01The Schengen Information System
02.Dec.01strasbourg bordercamp website
02.Dec.01Bordercamping2002: international bordercamp
12.Nov.01United Kingdom: more restrictions for refugees
11.Nov.01Meanwhile in Austria...
31.Oct.01Interview with organizers of the Tarifa bordercamp
24.Oct.01Bordercamping2002: Woomera, Australia
19.Oct.01Bordercamp 2001 - Evaluation
19.Oct.01Bordercamp 2001 - Evaluation
18.Oct.01Police Raid against Online Demonstrators
18.Oct.01Police Raid against Online Demonstrators
17.Oct.01Oct 13th actions in Frankfurt
15.Oct.01News of the action day in France
25.Sep.01October 13th 2001: International day of action
24.Sep.01Meanwhile in Australia...
20.Sep.01The right to asylum is a human right - not a privilege!
28.Aug.01Free the publixtheatre-caravan!
27.Aug.01Cultural stiff 01- First letter of the imprisoned
25.Aug.01More information on the caravan
23.Aug.01Borderhack 2.0 - Program:
22.Aug.01Noborder-nonation-caravan arrested
10.Aug.01Videos from the Frankfurt bordercamp
30.Jul.01Frankfurt Airport shuts out asylum activists
29.Jul.01First report from the Frankfurt bordecamp
28.Jul.01Video from the polish bordercamp
28.Jul.01Video from the demonstration for migrants rights
26.Jul.01Another 'deportee' killed in switzerland - update
26.Jul.01Program of the frankfurt bordercamp
21.Jul.01Welcome to Borderhack 2.0
20.Jul.01The PublixTheatreCaravan in Genova
20.Jul.01Last day of the camp [from PublixTheatreCaravan]
19.Jul.0150.000 demonstrate for migrants rights in Genova
18.Jul.01Report from the lufthansa sharholders meeting
13.Jul.01TAROM stops charter deportation flights
12.Jul.01The 2001 bordercamp season has started
11.Jul.01Videos from the tarifa bordercamp
10.Jul.01Action against detention centre in ljubljana
10.Jul.01Streaming the border - welcome!
10.Jul.01Interviews with Polish campers
09.Jul.01Videos from the slovenian bordercamp
08.Jul.01Sunday, 08.jul.01
07.Jul.01Saturday, 07.jul.01
06.Jul.01Second report from the polish camp
05.Jul.01First report from the polish camp
02.Jul.01Camping2001: the caravans
01.Jul.01Camping2001: the bordercamps
29.Jun.01KLM and Lufthansa deportation stopped
10.Jun.01The border trail: junction Frankfurt Airport
05.Jun.01Genova bordercamp - an introduction
04.Jun.01Summer camp in Petisovci in Slovenia
03.Jun.01Frankfurt Airport - the Border within
02.Jun.01Tarifa bordercamp - an introduction
01.Jun.01Appeal from all the migrants communities
01.Jun.01No-border Camp on the Polish-Belarussian border
30.May.01Noborders festival shut down by polish police
23.May.01Interview with ricardo dominguez on online-activism
18.May.01Another 'deportee' killed in Switzerland
15.May.01Actions aginst the Gotenburg EU-Summit planned
09.May.01Date of online demonstration against Lufthansa announced
03.May.01The ControG8 Network Document
13.Apr.01New Book: Restructuring and Resistance
09.Apr.01Report from Spain
04.Apr.01Action against SODEXHO in Paris
25.Mar.01Break the Apartheid Residential Restriction
17.Mar.01The Austrian way of deportations
13.Mar.01Online demonstration @
03.Feb.01Pilots association gives recommendations on deportations
02.Feb.01new deportation.class site online
01.Feb.01Welcome to!
01.Feb.01Campaigning against aviation companies
23.Jul.00Camping of struggle 23-30 july 2000, Marzameni
13.Jul.00Border camp in Ustrzyki Gorne, Poland [13-19.7.00]