international bordercamp strasbourg

program & location of the camp released

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30.Nov.99 - the noborder camp in strasbourg will be situated in the parc du rhin. this public parc is located to the east of the city center on the banks of the river rhin which forms the border between france an germany. the camp will be run in a self organized manner. the camp itself will be compromised of a number of different sections 'barrios' that will have their own kitchen facilities and other infrastructure. in order to finance the infrastructure [tents, sanitary facilities, kitchens etc.] participants are asked to pay a small participation fee. our indication is 20 euros per participant [or a fraction of this if one does not take part during the entire period of the camp]. people who cannot afford this can contribute less and people who can contribute more should do so. participants should also bring their own camping equipment. and please leave your pets [dogs etc.] at home. the provisional program of the camp's activities can be found here.

4th international preparation meeting in strasbourg