Contribute to the transborder-map of resistance against the borderregime

Call and invitation to join the network and contribute

31.Aug.13 - We want to invite all groups and networks, all initiatives and campaigns, which are active in the various struggles for the rights of migrants and against the border regime implemented by the European Union, to join the project of the transborder map. Within the next few months we intend to feed (and later on to keep updated) this bilingual online-platform with as much information and contact as possible in order to collect, to visualize and to interconnect all kind of struggles for freedom of movement in Europe and North- and Westafrica. And we would like you to contribute by sending informations concerning your work, your organisational profile and the struggles and actions you are involved in.

You might have seen here or by distributed printed posters, that we have started this process with a first static version last year. The map was one result of the transborder conference in Istanbul in March 2012 with delegates from 14 countries, whose groups and networks are defying the migration regime on both sides of the EU’s external borders. Therefore in this first step only the groups and networks present at the conference were mentioned. The map shows a few key-symbols for migrant struggles and for the migration regime too, but due to its genesis it never made the claim to be exhaustive. The first version rather offers a first survey of an increasing number of networking initiatives all over Europe and beyond. We suggest to broaden this initial impetus and start constructing an interactive virtual platform. We aim on a map, which is to be completed and kept up to date, which visualizes the diversity of the resistance at the pulse of the movements of migration and thus strengthens the struggles against the borderregime as a transnational process.

How to contribute:

Send us the name of your group or initiative or network including a selfpresentation with a maximum of 500 (!) characters (see here for examples). If possible, send us this short text both in english and french, but if you can only provide one of these languages we try to get translated the second one by the editing team.

Your contribution should include a contact adress and if possible a homepage, and you should decide, where exactly in the map you want to be located. You are free to choose any city or a certain space, but maximum three dots (if your network is active in different cities or regions for example).

Moreover you should decide for certain categories to facilitate to find you in the list of groups and networks. On one hand you should choose between the following two geographical options: local organisation or transnational network. Secondly you should decide for the main character of your initiative: migrants/refugee-selforganisation, grassroot-approach or non-government-organisation (ngo). And finally you should give us hints to your main methods of work: campaign, research, councelling or cultural activities (and you can choose again more than one option). Using your information we will sketch it into the map and list you up according to the given categories.

If you have any questions or remarks, do not hesitate to contact us.

the editorial team of the transborder-map in September 2013