noborder @ esf 2004

Migration-related events during the ESF'04

Thursday 14 oct:
time title location
1545-1645h session on freedom of movement and freedom of communication efcr / camden center
1800h Solidarity demonstration with Asylum Seekers Calais
2030h Demonstration Dover
Friday 15 oct:
time title location
0930-1200h opening migrationrelated plenary wombles / middlesex university
1500-1700h workshop: anti-iom-campaign, film and debate wombles / middlesex university
1700-1900h presentation and debate about efcr / camden center
1800h Street Theatre: Welcome to Fortress Europe Diorama Arts Centre Theatre
1900-2100h seminar about migration as social movement Alexandra Palace/Gleneagles (inside the ESF)
2100h 2400h no-vox evening efcr / camden center
Saturday 16 oct:
time title location
all day life despite capitalism london school of economics
1100-1330h Without papers, not without rights - Women seeking asylum inside the ESF
1130-1800h one day workshop of voice refugee forum wombles / middlesex university
1100-1300h precarious work - common struggle of migrants and nationals life despite capitalism / LSE
1400-1600h freedom of movement as a common life despite capitalism / LSE
1630-1830h barbed wire workshop - against detentions and camps Bloomsbury (inside the ESF)
Sunday 16 oct:
time title location
1900-2100h final migrationrelated plenary wombles / middlesex university

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