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international bordercamp strasbourg

how to contact the il/legal-team in exile

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20.Aug.02 - The legal team of the noborder camp in strasbourg continues to work after the camp under the name 'il/legal team in exile' in order to cordinate the defense of those who have been criminalized during the camp [to learn more about the il/legal team read this text].

contact information

The il/legal team can be contacted by email and by snailmail:

Il-Legal Team c/o CAE
21 ter rue Voltaire
75011 PARIS.


The il/legal team needs your financial support! To donate money from outside france use the following bank account:
The account number [IBAN number] is: FR 763 000 4007 7800 0002 8113 825

if you live in france you will probably prefer to send cheques by snailmail:
Nous avons désormais un compte en banque. envoyez [ou faites envoyer...] les chèques établis à l'ordre d'AAU au: il-legale team, c/o CAE, 21ter rue voltaire, 75011 Paris