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August 21st: International mobilisation for the liberation of Ahmed

Call for an International mobilisation for the liberation of Ahmed and for the stop of the legal procedings against all those charged of the noborder camp

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18.Aug.02 - Ahmed, an activist of the Mouvement Spontané (set up in Paris after the first elections for presidency) and participant of the no border camp at Strasbourg, has been subject to a targeted arrest during the demonstration on 24/07 for freedom of movement and settlement and for the closure of detention centers.

The camp itslef has united more than 2000 people from all over the world at Strasbourg, the location of the Schengen Information System (SIS). The participants came to organise demonstrations and actions against all forms of social control, for freedom of movement and the abolition of borders. The police violence during the manifestation on June 24th (massive tear-gas [?], beatings) went as far as shootings with flashballs from a distance of less than 4 meters. 2 people have been seriously injured. The camp asa whole hase been subject to frantic police harassement (prohibition of any manifestation by "arrêté préfectoral" for 4 days, repeated arrests, 7 charges).

Generelly, those who organise against social control and it's instruments are subjected to "specific attention" of the police forces. As the actions and manifestations which took place in many forms could not be prevented, the criminalisation of Ahmed has the effect of a belated revenche, to show that despite everything, the state is still able to control the "little savages" who are challenging the established order. Ahmed is presently in provisional detention [?] at the prison in Strasbourg. The legal and administrative relentlessness which has clearly manifested itself against him until now makes us believe that he might become a symbol of the determination of the State to muzzle all questioning of security dispositives. This relentlessness is tangible at all moments of the procedure: Targeted and violent arrest, well after the acts he has been blamed for and which he has been denying ever since, immediate passage to a hearing [en comparution immédiate], the immediate hearing itself under conditions where access of the public was very relative (15 people could assist only with difficulty, and by handing in their identity papers which were kept by the cops until the end of the hearing, immediate evacuation of the tribunal after the hearing), the decision to keep Ahmend under detention until his trial. Ahmed has since then been in isolation. All the demands to speak to him have been refused. His demand to be set free has been examined without an advocat (his advocat could not be notified [?] in time since there is no parlour), and has been refused.

Several actions and manifestations have taken place since he has been detained (in Strasbourg, Paris, but also in other places in Europe, like in Zurich and Vienna [wasn't it in Linz?]

To put a halte to this relentlessness, to demand his liberation and the stop of the legal proceedings against Ahmed and also others who have been charged during the no-border camp (6 participants of the camphave to appear in trial at Strasbourg next February), we are calling the "incontrollables" of Europe and beyond to come to Strasbourg to assist in the trial of August 21st, and to participate in the organisation of an international day of actions and manifestations of solidarity everywhere else. All initiatives are welcome to show that the participants of the no border camp and all those who refuse the enclosure of their lives in the securitised spaces of Schengen or elsewhere will remain mobilised.

In the name of the noborder network and the entire variety of groups and individualswho have participated in the no border camp at Strasbourg, we demand the liberation of Ahmed and a stop of the legal procedures against him as well as against the others charged during the no border camp.

The noborder camp in Exodus

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