international bordercamp strasbourg

the camp is over - we have left the parc du rhin

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30.Nov.99 - today the last participants left the parc du rhin. after deconstructiong the collective structures and cleaning up the park, the remaining 400 or so participants gathered to leave in together in a colorful farewell parade through strasbourg. on its way out of strsbourg the participants of this parade stopped on the 'pont du europe' effectively blocking all traffic across that bridge and refused to move on before the two persons that were arrested during Saturdays actions in the city center were freed.

it took the authorities only a short while to comply with this demand and the to were rushed towards the parade were they were set free. while this was certainly a success that can be attributed to the solidarity among the camps participants, the need for solidarity between the participants is not over. in the following months there will be a number of trails against individuals that have participated in the camp and there is one participant who is being held in prison while awaiting his trail. the camps 'il/legal-team' is monitoring all the developments on the legal front and is trying to organize the post camp solidarity in face of the upcoming legal proceedings. the latest information from the 'il/legal-team in exile' can be found here.