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Massive Repression in Strasbourg

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30.Nov.99 - Strassbourg - On the eighth day of the international No Bordercamp, it has become clear that police repression is growing stronger every hour.

A report from the legal group on the situation so far. Since midnight 25th July no groups or 'members' of the No Border Collective are allowed to manifest in the streets of Strassbourg. This is decided by the prefect by means of an 'arret du prefect'.

The city of Strassbourg is coloured blue by the uniforms of the police, surveiling on every corner, ready to use their sticks and teargas.

At 2 PM today a courtcase took place against one of the people that was arrested on Wednessday. Although courtcases in France are normally open for the public to attend, the police was not willing to let anyone in. The courthearing was closed, which was, according to our laywer not possible, or simply illegal. Supporters of the imprisoned person insisted on being able to attend this hearing and in the end the police allowed fifteen people to enter the Palace de Justice, but not after being searched and their identity checked.

Hundred people are in support still waiting outside for news, which has just now arrived. The accused has to await his courtcase on the 21st of August in prison.

At this moment several people are being arrested without a reason in the city-centre of Strassbourg.

We demand immediate release of the arrested and an end to police-repression.

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