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First day of the carvan to the banlieus [Meinau]

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30.Nov.99 - On Sunday afternoon activists of the noborder camp went to visit the Meinau neighborhood of strasbourg. On the 19th of may the four year old child Bilal was killed there when he fell down an elevator shaft. The long-unserviced elevator system had opened a upper floor dor, when the cabin was not behind it

Neither the sypathisants nor the family of the four year old accepted to label the death as an "accident". Representatives of the MIB, the Mouvement of Immigrants and Banlieus, made clear that the systematic neglect of the apartment complex that houses immigrants is an expression of a continuing colonial repression. the fact that the district attorney has not taken up investigations so that the parents had to file start a civil procedure to demand a criminal investigation against the responsible authorities was a clear sign of this.

during the action that took place during the afternoon and the early evening a memorial graffitti was sprayed, there were musical performances and a long discussion took place between the activists and the kids family members.

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