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International demonstration in solidarity with Refugees and Sans Papiers

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30.Nov.99 - Monday morning 1171 participants of the international noborder camp in Strasbourg demonstrated in front of the European Court of Human Rights. The march went from the campsite in the Prac du Rhin to the court and further into the city center [Place Kleber]. Not respecting the summer vacation of the European Institutions, representatives of refugee and migrants organizations read out long accusations, criticizing the Immigration and asylum policies of the European Union.

Especially the German Residenzpflicht, that prohibits refugees to leave their place of residence, but also other human rights violations that affect refugees where presented in a number of reports from different cities across Europe. During the second part of the demonstration the participants shortly occupied the place in front of the European Council. The empty flag-poles that normally display the flags of the member countries where spontaneously used in to give the protestors' banner more visibility. [click here for a real video clip].

At the end of a noisy and colorful demonstration through the city center three participants were arrested. Currently a large number of participants is present in front of the police station demanding their release. This group is surrounded by police forces.

Another report about this demonstration [in french] is available here.

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