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Text of the leaflet "Outrageous return flight!"

Every year approximately 2000 refugees and migrants are deported via Schipol airport by the dutch customs service. In a proportion of these deportations methods of constrait are used that range from handcuffs to sedative drugs and straitjackets. People resist being deported because they are afraid of what will happen to them in the country that they are being deported to. Holland's immigration laws offers these people no solution whatsoever. On the contrary, a policy that is based on prevention, exclusion and deportation as opposed to hospitality and support can only cause problems to get worse.

In a large proportion of these deportations the deportees are flown on aircraft belonging to the airline KLM.

In this way KLM can be said to take an active role in the implementation of this policy of expelling immigrants. Alongside this the airline also takes measures to hinder the entry of refugees. KLM takes part in weekly meetings with the Immigration and Nationalisation Service (IND) and the customs departments about matters such as pre-boarding checks, the controls that take place on people before they are allowed to board the aircraft. Through its worldwide operating network KLM can provide a great deal of information for the Immigration Service. KLM has not only an active role in the deportation of refugees but also has part responsibilty for the closing of European borders to refugees.

It is time to take a stand!!!!

If you are in an aeroplane alongside someone who is being deported, especially someone who is being deprted against their will, then make a protest against this. When booking a flight with KLM ask for a garuantee that no one will be forcibly deported on that flight.

Make it clear to KLM that you do not support them co-operating with deportations, and demand that KLM take on a more humanistic role.

KLM is responsible for its own actions, as is everyone, and cannot claim to be simply obeying the rules set dowm\n by politicians.

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