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KLM expels.

On friday 12 november a gala was held in the Okura Hotel in Amsterdam to chose the most well known dutch trademark of the twentieth century. Fifteen trademarks made it through the preliminary rounds, among others Douwe Egberts, Unilever and KLM.
A presentation of the trade mark of the twenty first century was made outside in front of the entrance. With a moving speech, given a special touch by champagne and a string quartet, the new KLM livery and the logo 'KLM your deportation agent' was unveiled on a bus that was packed and tied up with a ribbon. At the same time the official KLM website was opened. The twenty or so onlookers present caused a great deal of confusion among other visitors and hotel staff, who at first thought that they were part of the official gala. It was only when a number of activists had gained entry to the gala and began to give out flyers with the KLM livery and the slogan 'KLM-your deportation agent' on them that the staff became suspicious.
The specially built bus, that looks no different from the buses that carry passengers between their hotels and Schipol, shall be used in the near future for a number of political actions.

Temporary Autonomous Zone

On Saturday 13th November at 5pm visitors to the political and cultural centre De Balie (The Counter) were deeply shocked when a nigerian man who was also present was suddenly grabbed and handcuffed by a military police officer and then, with his mouth taped up, dragged away. In the ensuing struggle chairs and ashtrays were knocked over. The refugee attempted to escape but was held in restraint by a stewardess and pilot from KLM. A Festival 'The Transnational Festival of Ideas, At The Edge' was being held at the same time. Various important foreign guests, including Jose Ramos-Horta, the nobel prize winner from East Timor, were present for the festival.

During the commotion that the deportation caused in the bar and restaurant a number of Nigerian festival-goers became upset becuase the refugee was due to be deported to Nigeria. After the deportation had taken place KLM postcards were given out and were refused by a number of people.

This final performance was the closing piece of the Temporay Autonomous Zone, which had been held in De Balie and had been a revue of actions, campaigns and initiatives meant to further international solidarity.

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