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I don't want to die!

It is about half past eight on a tuesday morning. Two uniformed officers ask a woman who leaves a hotel to show them her papers. They realise that the woman is a nigerian refugee who has lost her fight for asylum their politiness becomes sternness. Ignoring her pleas and moans they lead her away.
"I don't want to go to Nigeria, please let me go. I don't want to die."
A stewardess from KLM comes hurrying up and attempts to calm her. "please calm down madam, KLM will take care of your flight back home. You don't have to worry about anything. Perhaps you would like something to calm you down."
The woman continues to struggle and is first handcuffed and then shoved on board a KLM minibus. The bus starts to rev its engine when the rear doors fly open and the woman jumps out followed by the two officers. A police cars that happens to be passing skids to a halt to offer assistence. That does not appear to be neccesary. The woman is caught and once more dragged onto the minibus. A second KLM bus arrives to pick out guests and take them to schipol. The two buses leave and drive off towards schipol one behind the other.
This scene took place in front of the Golden Tulip Barbazon Hotel, across the street from the Central Station in Amsterdam. It was repeated in front of various other hotels in Amsterdam. The minibus with "KLM-your deportation agent' spent the whole day driving either just behind or just in front of the official KLM Airport Hotel Shuttlebus and confronted guests and passersby with the role that KLM plays in the deportation of refugees. It lead to all sorts of reactions ranging from amused doormen who were pleased that something different was happening that day, to angry passersby who wanted to save the woman and people who refused to take any pamphlets from pilots or stewardesses. The two buses driving one behind the other made a strange picture as the real bus tried to speed up and get away. And in the Spuistraat the our bus ended up driving in between two real ones.

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