18-21 october 2001 make-world festival  munich germany  
   make-world // as seen by the press
Die Lust am politisch Unkorrekten
Sueddeutsche Zeitung, Münchener Kultur, 22.Oktober 2001 
Staatenlose und Grenzverächter
Frankfurter Rundschau vom 24.Oktober 2001 
Die Welt ist nicht genug
FAZ vom 25.Oktober.2001 
Alles zusammenwerfen und schauen, was passt
Jungle World vom 24.Oktober.2001 
Sueddeutsche Zeitung, Feuilleton, 24.Oktober 2001 
Make World Festival 2001 - Es war live und ich war dabei
www.de-bug.de 23.Oktober.2001 - 16.15 Uhr  
Interview: Gefährliche Leere - Saskia Sassen über Krieg und Süden
Sueddeutsche Zeitung, Feuilleton, 20.Oktober 2001 
Die seltsamen Blumen des Virtualienmarktes
Sueddeutsche Zeitung, Münchener Kultur, 18.Oktober 2001 
Jeder Mensch is ein Experte
Der Freitag vom 26.10.2001 von Katja Werner 
make-world - reportage
posted by honor on the spectre mailing-list on the, 23 oct 2001  
Ein Wort zur Panik
Das Magazin (tagesanzeiger, Zürich) vom 03.November.2001 
roX0r : Munich micromusic night
Gameboy Camera diary - An 'Englander Schweinhund' perspective (from The Gareth Morris Web Experience)  
Violas Namenstag - Über ein Globalisierungsfestival in München
Cornelius Hafner in der WoZ vom 1.November 2001 
Panische Lösung - Kriegsökonomie im Semiokapitalismus
Franco Bifo Berardi in der Jungle World vom 07.nov.2001 
   friday // 19 october
...from Genova via Brussels to Strasbourg
1. part: evaluation of Genova counter activities Friday, 10/19; 10 am until 1pm, Café Muffathalle 
roman lebov: 'are you net'
some remarks on the history of russian internet [a few notes which were done during the lecture] 
Representations of Labour
Shuddhabrata Sengupta - Franco Berardi - Prabhu Prasad Mohapatra - Myoung Joon Kim 
bifo on panic war
   saturday // 20 october

Low Tech, Low-paid, No rights
Valery Ray Alzaga(Denver),Gemma Susa(London),Lena(London)
on organisation of lowtech workers. Examples from London and Los Angeles,us. Justice for Janitors 
Common, Community, Allmende
Reinhold Grether, Volker Grassmuck, Shuddabrata Sengupta 
Zoran Pantelic, afrika gruppe, Graham Harwood, Tom Mulcare.
Is it real resistance? Do we need to create a new language?  
Global Citizenship
old and new concepts of citizenship - the end of a concept of citizenship
which was born in a old concept of regime,
of the region where people were born, of place, which was not chosen by themself - the internet as model of global citizenship  
Time, space, action
[Pit Schultz/Florian Schneider] Geert Lovink, Matt Fuller, Aris Papatheodrou Angela Mitropoulos] 
Kodwo Eshun
musique concrete has become humane 
expertlounge @ lothringer13/laden
Saturday night the expertbase version 1.0 will be launched. The evening starts with the presentation of the expertbase and a short introduction of its pratical usage and is followed by a discussion. Experts from different fields are discussing: artists, union activists, people from refugee-supporting groups, scientist and antiracist activists. They are discussing the chances, possiblities but also limitations that the expert base may have. 
   sunday // 21 october
become activ in the mud
some thoughts for creating a Multiple User Disobidience portal version 0.1  
roaming producers
stay where you are! 
Roaming Producers [Sebastian Lüttgerts position-paper]
posted by Sebastian Lütgert on nettime-l, 31 Oct 2001 23:17:35 +0100 
Diedrich Diederichsen
Meandering on nonconformism - Potentials of an old idea