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international bordercamp strasbourg

3P: presentation, production, parade

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09.Jul.02 - currently we are developing a three-tiered approach to the migration and work topic during the camp:


on wednesday, july 24th, we will organize a discussion with representatives from the us-american coalition for amnesty and dignidad, a member of the union of foreign and spanish day laborers. we've also asked 'experts' from italy and france to participate in the discussion, but their presence is not yet confirmed. with this discussion we want to focus on the conditions and struggles by people in illegal or precarious employment relationships and also create a forum for an exchange of information in this area.


during the days before this discussion we want to install an open microphone at the campsite or at places, where we act. our idea is to collect interviews, stories, positions, point of views and personal experiences concerning the issue migration and labor.


for thursday, the 25th of july, we are planning a streetparade through strasbourg making visible the invisible work and the presence of nameless people. we want to visualize the scenes and situations by the workers without residence or working permits [sans papiers].

feel free to help us or to contribute ideas, as we need support - especially for the parade.

everyone is an expert