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European Social Consulta workshops

Proposals for public workshops during the Strasbourg No Border Camp

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28.Jun.02 - Here are some proposals for public workshops during the Strasbourg No Border Camp (July 19 to 28) from some European Social Consulta promoter groups (to concrete which promote groups will be in the camps, the proposal is writed by Barcelona promote group)

You can see that the hour of the activities wait yet to be coordinated with the rest of activities in the camps. Perhaps the people more involved in the program can make suggestions about this.

This is the list of Public activities but after the public presentations we will do other meetings with people who wants to be involved in consulta process. we need to debate more about them. Really i think that we only need concrete the dates of the promoter groups meeting (probably the july 20th) because in these meeting we will concrete the rest of the work calendar.

well, these are the public activities for the Strasbourg program:


European Social Consulta, , Direct Democracy Without Borders: Presentation and Debate, PUBLIC PRESENTATION (before or after the central presentation of fredom of movement and freedom of information in order to no clash with them)


Debate: European Social Consulta, the No Borders Network and the struggle of the Without Papers, "What synergies are there?" PUBLIC PRESENTATION (In the afternoon, when would be better for the general agenda)


Presentation and Debate: Open Software and Direct Democracy: The European Social Consulta. PUBLIC PRESENTATION for the program: (with people from the consulta webpage team (In the morning or in the evening when could be better for the dsec agenda)

Enric as member of BCN promote group of European Social Consulta

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