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international bordercamp strasbourg

Migration and Globalisation

planned activities during the strasbourg noborder camp

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18.Jun.02 - it is intended to open space for cross-over-presentations and discussions concerning the relationship of globalisation and migration and particularly about the interconnection of resistance against capitalist globalisation and the struggle against borderregimes.
we are convinced, that both have to be tied much more, that the freedom of movement and settlement has to be anchored in a "globalisation of rights", and that the autonomy of migration, its character as a social movement, has a special importance, when we speak about "globalisation from below". to reject all tendencies of nationalism and protectionism the movement against neoliberalism and capitalist globalisation is dependent on antiracist struggles for free movement and equal rights, led by refugees and migrants and their selforganisations on one hand, by antiracist activists and (supporting) initiatives on the other hand.
vice versa the migration- and antiracist movement in its perspective depends on a close networking with other social and emancipative struggles, and the "new" anticapitalist movement includes a lot of important and interestant startingpoints.

during the strasbourg-noborder-camp we want to lead a thread of presentations and discussions, workshops and actions through the ten-days-program.
until now some events are already fixed, some others are still in preparation and last not least we hope for more spontanous activities in the dynamic of the camp itself.

friday, 19th of july, the opening day of strasbourg, is the anniversary of genoa, and it would be important to refer to the day of migration with 50.000 participants on the streets in genoa last year. it was the first time, that the demands of migrants played such a central role during an anti-summit-mobilisation. we know, that in genoa a big program will take place at 19th and 20th of july, and we think about ideas to connect each other.
at this day, the 19th, a convoi for freedom of movement will come from the noborder-camp in jena in germany, where a lot of activities have taken place in the days before, to strasbourg. the convoi will start in the morning, and we will have a stop at frankfurt air-port. we will organise a short manifestation, with speeches against deportation and detention at this airport, but also refering to genoa. and we think, we should do something similar, when we reach strasbourg with our convoi in the early evening...

monday late evening, 22nd of july, a slide show will be presented, combining pictures about the development and mobilisations of anticapitalist movement during the last years on one hand, and photos about the struggles from migrants and antiracist initiaves in europe on the other hand. it should work as an introductional part, as a starting-point for common discussions within the next days. the slight show will be prepared by brian holmes from the group 'ne pas plier' and the 'no one is illegal'-group hanau.

tuesday evening, 23rd of july, a (central) cross-over-discussion is in preparation, a debate is intended, which will include statements and thesis of people and groups, who have been or who are involved in international networks like peoples global action (pga) and noborder.
of course nobody want to pretend to be representative for these networks, its decentralized structures are well known part of its approach. we want to avoid to be limited in parallel presentations, rather we prefer to make it possible to exchange experiences, to intensify a discussion about differences and connected perspectives, and - at least- to put the right common questions to the table.
(a more detailed description will follow in the beginning of july...)

we hope, that some more workshops will develop in the consequence of the monday and tuesday events, that this first input will open more cross-over-discussions.
and some more presentations and workshops are already announced in the same context, but not yet fixed to a special date and time:
- presentation and promotor-meeting for the european social consulta
- presentation and discussion about the coming pga-conference in leiden/netherlands at the end of august
- presentation/discussion about coming european social forum - meeting in florence at 7th until 11th of november
- post 11th of september-workshop

no one is illegal hanau [migr. & globalisation coordination]

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