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Agenda proposal for the 24th of July (from CAE Paris)

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10.Jul.02 - Within the frame of the No Border Camp which will take place from 19 to 28 July in Strasbourg, we would like that the proposals concerning the question of freedom of movement and struggles of the "sans-papiers" focus around two themes:

- the different forms and objectives of actions
- how can we analyse the current standardization of the EU policies of immigration, and more specifically of the ones concerning the detention of "sans-papiers".
We suggest today three proposals; we call anybody interested in theses perspectives to join us or to pass their own suggestions on.

1) we suggest that a demonstration takes place on the 24 July, towards Strasbourg's Detention Centre (the date is to be confirmed); this shall be a very important date for the No Border Camp.
2) In order to save time in the discussions, we suggest that the other networks or participants make some notice boards, which describe and explain what kind of legislation, which conditions of reception, work and housing, which measures of control and repression exist in their countries. These notice boards will be put up in the camp in order to enable the exchange of information. For instance, we will make the list of the state and private companies which work together in France to help deporting and detaining "sans-papiers"; we hope that there will be some contribution concerning this subject in the other EU countries.
3) We propose to organize a debate which will give us the opportunity to confront our different information, our concrete experiences and our analyses.

Debate of Strasbourg proposed by the CAE

Themes suggested, and call for contribution before and during the debate ...

1) An exchange of experiences in the struggle against detention centres, closed centres and any other structure of detention of "sans-papiers".
- campaigns to close down detention centres
- campaigns against the building of new detention centres
- struggles of the detainees themselves (collective escape from Belgium's detention centres, the fire in Yarlswood -Europe's largest detention centre, which before the fire could lock up 900 people-, riots in Woomera, Australia)
- how does the struggle against the detention camps directly reinforce the struggle for the legitimisation of "sans-papiers" ?
- campaign against the companies which make profits from these detention centres (Sodexho, Accor, ...)

2) how can we coordinate this struggle on the international level ?
The EU works on the standardization of the control and the repression of the "migratory flows", and plans to multiply the number of detention centres. We have to fight back with better coordination, through global days of action, concrete common targets, mobilizations for our friends victims of repression because of their fight for justice.

3) What are the stakes of these struggles ?
What is the intention of the EU with regards to immigration ? Do the member states of the EU wish to achieve "zero immigration" as their goal? Do the member states wish to expel all the people who have entered their country illegally ? Or do they not need, for their short-term economic interests within the global economic war some cheap, over-exploited labour, hyper flexible, deprived of the freedom of choice and from any right ?
How does the fight for the legitimisation of all "sans-papiers" with long-stay permits and for the closing down of detention centres constitute a fight against the growing insecurity which invades every area of our lives ?

Collectief Anti-Expulsions (CAE) Paris