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Free Movement is our Right

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15.Jun.02 - The VOICE Africa Forum is mobilising refugee activists from Germany before the end of the "Kein Mensch ist Illegal" Nationwide Antiracist -No Border Camp in Jena. It starts on the 12 to 19 July with convoy of Buses under the motto "Reclaim the Highway" to join the Europe network of freemovement activists for the Internationational No Border Camp that will commence on the 19-28 July in Strasbourg

For the political will of the camp, we have interest to reach out other migrant groups and interested supporters of how they can connect fredom of movement to their struggles. This is to extend our european network against state racist persecution and deportation imprisonments in europe.

We like to invite participants to join us in the Jena and Strasbourg camps for the preparation of the information progammes on the 21 and 22 July for Free Movement. This is with anti-residenzpflicht concert, discussions, workshops and hearings.

On the 21 of July in the strasbourg Camp there will be hearing on the Apatheid-Residential obligation pass laws "Residenzpflicht" and confinement of the racist persecution of refugees in Germany , which forbids with deportation the freedom of movement for refugees within the local districts.

This will included the preparation of protest actions on the 22 of July in the Strasbourg European Human Rights Court for Free Movement against the apatheid Residential obligation pass laws which only exist in Germany for more than 20 years. It is identical to the apartheid restriction of native blacks in the former apartheid south africa.
During this 10 day events which will feature protest actions, demonstrations, concert and discussions in Strasbourg. We will present photo exhibitions, videos and documentation on protest campaign for Free Movement against social exclusion and depotation threats in Germany.

There will be organised workshops with discussions on social exclusion of refugees: State racist persecutions and political deportation threats of refugees and dentention.

There will be information platform for the Caravan for the rights of refugees tour in August and September before the elections in Germany and on the situation of political prisoners in Cameroon. The Caravan forum will be under the motto "We are here because you destroy our countries; Asylum is human right"

The VOICE Africa Forum will make with special references of the movement restriction and controls of refugees to the east Germany local districts in the state Thueringen, not different from the practices in other federal state districts . The eaxamples will be Markendorf, Suhl, Saalfeld, Jena, Tambach dietharz.with workshops on confinement and social exclusion of refugees in Germany

We hope we are able to get together in a political will determined to have a definition for racist persecution.

Yours in freemovement against persecution

The VOICE Jena

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