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international bordercamp strasbourg

press release: NoBorder network is getting worried about the absence of an official answer from the City of Strasbourg

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09.Jul.02 - On Monday, July 9th the No Border network should have received a written confirmation that we can use the Parc du Rhin for the camp. The promised authorisation to use the Parc du Rhin for the noborder Camp is the outcome of a negociation process with the city authorities that started in begun in early april.

But, at the day of today, we haven't received this confirmation.

We've been trying all day to know the reasons of this delay. Because of the attitude of the authorities whom are saying that they've sent this fax on monday night and now they're telling us they need to rediscuss with us, from a few days before the camp beginning, we think the promisses and the accords reaced during the negociatios are getting more fragile.

So, all the No Border network has been contacted to obtain a clear and quick decision from the Strasbourg town hall.

Tomorrow morning, wednesday July, 10th, on the date when we should have been authorised to start the preparations of the actual camp, a delegation will go to the town hall in order to obtain this official document.

Contact: +33 6 3017 8174. ou

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