The camp program is a very preliminary schedule of thematical issues and some events, which are already being organised. The program has to be filled and completed with spontaneous or self-organised actions. A principle of the camp is mutual respect and the nonhierarchical confluence of different political and cultural activities and perspectives. SAT AUG 7 1999
Move the borderline!

Music and theatre parades on both sides of the borderline featuring DJ’s, musicians and artist from Germany and Poland

SUN AUG 8 1999
In free field

Talks and discussions about Europe and war

MON AUG 9 1999
Marketplace Zittau

Refugees report about the barbary of the border regime

TUE AUG 10 1999
No borders anywhere!

Spectacular opening of new border crossings

WED AUG 11 1999
Day of rage

Against the hunting of human beings at the borderline

THU AUG 12 1999
Borders - prosperity - poverty

Practical reflections on the social function of the border regime

FRI AUG 13 1999
Day of Antifascism

Rallies to local Nazi-meeting points

SAT AUG 14 1999
Game without borders

Great finale and closing party

Deep Europe, Wohlfahrtsausschüsse, Teleportacia Lounge, concerts, films, camp-radio, web journal and many unforseeable actions and activities more