News about the 99camp. Stay tuned and check the Webjournal august 9th: With a demonstration on the marketplace Zittau refugees denounced the border regime. Among the spaekers were deleguees from the refugee organization "The Voice" and refugees from the detention camp in Zittau. During the manifestation four camper were arrested by police. Police said, that they are suspected of having injured two fascists. About three hundred camper moved in a spontaneous demonstration to the police station and blocked the street for half an hour. After some tackling with the police forces the people went back to market place and to the campsite.

august 8th: Camp started, site problem resolved 3rd presse release from the camp

august 6th: First night ended for the camper, who already arrived in Lückendorf on a temporary site, after some negotations the police offered instead of the original campsite.

august 5th: Web journal and camp forum is open from now on

july 24th, 1 pm: last organising meeting in Leipzig

march 14th, 3 pm: at next five minutes conference [cross the border] is organising a workshop under the slogan "Hacking the borderline"

march 14th, 0.45 am: online chat with no one is illegal and camp activists at next five minutes conference