1999, august 7-15

The 99 camp was opened on august 7th with a music and theatre parade. The parade started at 12 am at Marktplatz Zittau and reached around 4 pm the german-polish boderline. The first night has ended for the camper, who already arrived in Lückendorf on friday, at a temporary site. After some negotations the police offered it instead of the original campsite. On sunday the camp moved to a new campsite in the north of Zittau.

For a second time, the "No one is illegal" campaign went to the EU frontier between Germany, Poland, and the Czech Republic. From August 7th till 15th, activists from many different countries gather at a campsite some hundred meters from borderline.

Together with the antiracist and antifascist groups political and media activists, radio and video pirates, musicians, artists, and people from all parts of Europe are taking part in the camp's organization. Antiracist groups are calling upon people to take part in border actions at other outer borders of the Schengen countries at the same time.

If you want to join the camp, to contribute to the preparations or to participate remotely, please send a message to or subscribe to the [cross-l] mailinglist, which will work as the main communication channel from and towards the camp. Send a SUBSCRIBE CROSS-L (uppercase!) command in the body of a message to!