The fight against borders is directed against infrared cameras, plastic fetters and the practices of observation. Further against narrow-mindedness, prejudice and racism. We know that this fight is never hopeless. Today's border consists no longer of the conventional defences. Politicians and authorities systematically prepare a climat of betrayal and uncertainty to make it impossible for refugees and immigrants to cross the border. The idea is that those who aren't stopped by the paramilitary patrols still face a hinterland full of domestic deputies and stired up local people.

Border means more than ever: chasing people who are trying to escape hunger, exploitation and war. They leave their homecountries because their chances there are zero. Many times the run is thousands of kilometers long and very strenuous. We appreciate these people's courage, perseverance and resolution. A mentality that refuses any solidarity and greeting, and blocks access by program is definetely unacceptable to us.

At the same time border means: broad brainwash activity meant to arouse the public opinon against immigrants. It has become more difficult not to be influenced by it. With the camp we want to stand up against the veiling and stupifying procedure of the political responsible and on the other hand support the people who want to or who have to oppose this machinery. Our means are education and objective information as well as tactical experiments and calculated irritations. We want to realize effective countermeassures to expose the barbarism of the border-regime and stop it wherever it is possible.