Saturday, 4th July:
12:00 a.m. Preparation meeting in Zittau ( Registration necessary!)
Friday to Sunday, 24th to 26th July:
19:30 p.m. The camp will start with a big rave organized by "Radical rave", a Berlin group well experienced in arranging such events. For the BORDERLINE international rave one or two thousand people are expected, including guests from Poland and Czechia.
Monday, 27th July:
12:00 a.m. First day of the camp, we want to present and publish our ideas and official programm to the people of the region. A comprehensive leaflet is in preparation to offer the people another view (of migrants!) and to declare opposition against racist agitation. A sight-seeing-tour with music wagon and speeches is planned for Goerlitz, the town near the campsite. Besides, we want to use the first day for internal discussion about the conception and ideas. The legal situation will be explained. We want to be open for new proposals and get to know each other a little better.
Tuesday, 28th July:
2:00 p.m. Flight assistance yes, denunciation no!. A monument for "The Unknown Flighthelpers" will be placed. The planned street theatre wants to provoke the so-called "Bürgerwehren", these are groups of people organized by volunteers to control and help the border-police to catch refugees.
Wednesday, 29th July:
4:00 p.m. Border-law day. A demonstration in front of the court, where taxi-drivers have been sentenced for having transported "illegal migrants" into Germany, has been organized. We will also be able to visit the responsible judge. Finally: "Jailquake" in front of the Görlitz prison with music and speeches.

Thursday, 30th July:
5:00 p.m. Day of antifacist action. In the area exists an active structure of nazi-groups which is tolerated or even supported by many local people and also by local authorities. Demonstrations and other activities.
Friday, 31st July :
1:00 p.m. Against wo-men-hunters! We will organize protest against the german border-police (BGS). Demonstration at or blocade of the BGS station, helicopter port and police-school in Rothenburg to denounce the daily (mal)treatment of refugees and migrants.
Saturday, 1st August:
11:00 Uhr On the final day we play! A "game without borders": regatta on the border river Neisse and more activities in the border zone.
Open-air cinema, camp paper, camp radio (bring tuners), internet activities ("hacking the borderline"), conferences, fitness, happenings, parties and concerts.