Expertbase is a site for people with extraordinary skills. It's a site for people, who are not found in any commercial or official databases. A site for people, who are being ignored by vulgar headhunters and usually excluded from the labor market -- either because of their residence permit status or because of their origins, but in the last instance because of their unique abilities and singular qualifications. Expertbase is a site for people, who have gained expert knowledge on any field and who are willing to share these experiences with others.

If you're looking for a job, for an occupation or for further education, at expertbase you can upload, edit and download your profile. At expertbase you carry your data in your own hands. It's up to you, to determine, how to be represented in the expertbase and why. You decide yourself, with whom to get in contact and when. Each user has got password protected, anonymous access to the expertbase, which furtherly works as your personal expertspace including a free email-account and an increasing number of services.

If you're looking for a person to hire for a certain job or special task, at expertbase you can search or upload your offer. At the cutting edge of human expertism as well as due to up-to-date information retrieval technology expertbase is the place to multiply all available capacities and to explore the potentials of truly globalized ways of collaboration and cooperation.

Expertbase is based on the idea of open sources and open borders. It is designed as a project, which aims nothing more than to come straight to the point and to fit to the immediate needings of it's contributors. It is under permanent construction and work in progress in true sense. It's use is it's only value. is to push forward the limitations of access, mobility and informational self-determination into many different directions, by any means towards new frontiers.

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