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Holiday 2000 Exhibition

Travel agents who sell KLM flights and are members of the General Netherlands Association of Travel Agents (the ANVR) are allowed to advertise themselves as KLM-agencies. As a follow up to the actions at the Holiday 1999 Exhibition and the tour of Amsterdam travel agents on Saturday 20th November, the 'KLM' bus from the Autonoom Centrum travelled to Utrecht on the 25th November. A travel agents conference was to be held in the Millenium Bar of the Beatrix Theatre of the Conference centre as part of the the Holiday 2000 Exhitibition. This year the theme was going to be the culinary side of holiday travel. "The Dutch holidaymaker has turned into an adventurous eater.

We had a different message to spread. A few of our number made their way unnoticed into the Millenium Bar to hand out the 'Last Minute Deportations' pamphlet. The Klm aeroplane was unpacked in front of the entrance to the Beatrix Theatre and folders were handed out. The intention of this action was to raise awareness among consumers and travel agents. One very angry KLM employee ( a real one) considered our use of the KLM logo a scandal. "And the refugees make such a mess in the aircraft." With the assistance of the police the activists were removed from the Conference Centre. We were finished with our action.

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