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The role of the KLM (Royal Dutch Airlines) in expulsions carried out by the Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND)

Every year some 2000 refugees and immigrants are deported under the supervision of constabulary officers. In a number of these deportations various methods of constraint were used, ranging handcuffs and straitjackets and sedative injections. The KLM provides transport for the vast majority of these deportations.

KLM takes an active role in these deportations. In 1997 KLM and Martinair were involved in the deportation of a group of Somalians. This eviction was prepared in co-operation with with both the IND and the President of Somaliland.

KLM's active role extends further than simply carrying out deportations. The airline is also responsible for taking measures to reduce the numbers or refugees who mangage to gain entry to the Netherlands. According to a parliamentry report made in 1996, representatives from KLM have weekly meetings with the IND and constabulary officers, about such subjects as pre-boarding checks (which are controls on who enters the aircraft before it begins its journey). In conjustion with the IND, the constabulary authority, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, KLM runs a five day long course to train IND staff members in "regulations and procedures for granting visas in connection with legalisation and verification of documents." The course also based upon 'recognition of false or forged documents with the use of locally available means and the setting up of contacts withlocal authorities and airlines.' The worldwide network of KLM allows it to form an important source of information for the IND and ensures them a reductions of unnecessary work.

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